The 2022 Non-Stop Dusi will be held on Friday 11 March 2022.

The race is unlike any other canoe race. No logistical assistance is offered by the organisers and participants are totally dependent upon themselves and their seconds. Participation is entirely at the paddlers own risk.

In view of the arduous nature of the event and the risks involved the organisers do not encourage participation. It is suggested that only proficient and experienced canoeists who are possessed of an extremely high level of fitness should consider entering.

Please note the following important points with regard to times:
The Non-Stop Dusi will start at 05:15
Cut-off times will be enforced at:
Finger Neck
Inanda dam wall takeout
N2 bridge
These cut-offs will be strictly enforced. Paddlers who do not make the cut-offs timeously may not under any circumstances continue paddling. In order to have the result recorded paddlers must complete the event by 19:30 at the finish at Blue Lagoon in Durban.
Commemorative bottles of wine will be given to all finishers.
A few further points for noting are:
• No person under the age of 18 will be allowed to participate.
• It is recommended that no ladies should paddle unaccompanied.
• Paddlers, seconds and spectators are requested to respect farmers’ property and the local population.

For more information check out this website or contact Mary at 033-3421528.